a PC- Enna d'Thurani

An elf with a sparkle in her eye and a song in her heart.


A war orphan found and raised by the Elven house of Thuranni. She sings songs.


Enna walked. She felt numb today. She often felt numb. She was thinking of death, and the three times she had died.

The first time was when her family was on vacation. She was just a littler girl and can only remember vague images before. They were touring in the city of Making and its thousand wonders. They heard before they got back to Metrol, but couldn’t believe until they got there. Karnathi had lauchned a sneak attack, and over half the city had been burned, at least a little. Her home was a pile of charcoal and ashes and she had died for the first time.

The second time was after her parents had sent her away. It had been ten years and her father had joined the Cyran guard, and stood the walls. Enna’s mother had become an army cook. They sent letters until they stopped. They had been cut off by an army of Thrane, they took no prisoners. Her parents were dead, and with them she died for the second time.

The third time was after all of that. She had put her past behind her. The noble Dragon house Thuranni had adopted her. Her skin bore the magical mark of Shadow. She was a trained performer, and secretly she was an amazing spy. She had put her old life behind her. Or so she thought. Then the Day of Mouning came… That’s what they called it. It took her six days of travel, and the family was not happy with how she paid for her tickets on the lightning rail, but she had to see it. She braved past the fog of death, and walked into the city of her youth. Metrol was twisted, and bent. Dead bodies lay in the street, at work, and at home. (She did not know it then but they would never rot in this place) She wandered searching for something recognizable, she did not find it. Hearing screams and calls, a beast chased her and she ran. She ran from the beast, she ran from the nightmares, she ran from the city, and her memories. She left the fog behind and she kept running. That was the when she died for the third time.

They found her the next day, huddled and crying.

Idly, she wondered if she could handle dying again.

a PC- Enna d'Thurani

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