a PC- Creed Halfshadow


One of Creed’s earliest memories was on a fine balcony seat in the Sharn Opera House. His father sitting behind him as he stood too excited to sit hands on the banister. His mother took the stage, crystalline spotlight shining down on her as her voice began to fill the giant room.
Time seemed to stop. The song of life, love, and loss filled each dark corner. The echoes of the song lasted over a minute. Warm tears filled his eyes, and the world was perfect. Creed even saw a tear run down his fathers eyes.

That was not the first time she preformed in Sharn’s Opera House, but it was the last time. Something about politics.

Creed’s father, a drow with obsidian skin, loved the city of towers. He called it his urban jungle. He took Creed out climbing the towers, teaching him how to hide in the shadows, and how to survive in a world out to kill you.

His father has long since left to work with the Valinar mercenaries. His mother still sings songs in the theaters in Sharn. Creed has learned from his parents. Song has the power to change the world, and his father taught him that the world is filled with danger, and how to fight back.
Eberron has never seen the like of Creed Half-Drow.

a PC- Creed Halfshadow

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